The Buffalo Sabres and The Cup of Destiny

I just watched Game 2 of the Sabres vs. Rangers series on Versus. The Sabres are my hometown team and what a fantastic game it was. I was so moved that I had to write something, and the following is what came out. It’s silly, but Sabres fans will hopefully like it! (Here are the lyricshere is the iTunes link to hear a clip)

(Note – I edited it, this is now reivision 2!)

Cuz it’s the Cuuuuup … of Destiny,
The Sabres will be rockin at HSBC

Cuz it’s the Cuuuuup … of Destiny,
The Sabres will be carrying Lord Stanley

The Sabres started out ‘06 strong,
leading the league we knew it wouldn’t be long

With guys like Drury, Vanek, Max and Roy,
All their opponents would soon be destroyed.

When key guys all stated going down,
there were worries all over town,

But in came Stafford and the team did jell,
Young Clarke MacArthur and the rest as well

Darcy nabbed Zubrus at the trade deadline,
A great addition who fit in just fine

Cuz Vanek is shooting, and Miller is grooving,
Teppo clears pucks out, and Lindy chews refs out,
Adam throws punches, while Max scores in bunches,
Briere is scoring, while the crowd is roaring, So come oooooo-ooooon!

Cuz it’s the Cuuuuup … of Destiny,
The Sabres will be rockin at HSBC

Cuz it’s the Cuuuuup … of Destiny,
The Sabres will be carrying Lord Stanley

And we’re still in Iraq why?

Alright, y’know – I’m sick of this. We’re not at war. The Iraqi people are at war. Quit saying “Support the troops” and quit letting the current administration off the hook. We just sent more troops into Iraq and yet one of the bloodiest days of the war just occurred. This is absolute stupidity.

And yet if you don’t “support the war” then you’re being un-American. Since when has it been un-American to question things? Being gung-ho and blindly supporting those in power is something we revolted against.

I don’t give a crap which party is in office, as long as they’re being ethical and honest with me (Although I don’t think that had happened in a long time).

And now McCain is singing “Bomb bomb bomb, bomb bomb iran” to the tune of “Barbara Ann”, to prep us for invading yet another country. It’s insidously smart, this campaign against the American populace. But we have to ask ourselves, why are we still there? What purpose is it serving?

Definitely none of the original goals. The Iraqi’s lives are horrible, just watch this clip from 60 minutes.

If you’re still a Bush backer at this point, you’ve either a complete fool or are letting yourself be blinded from the truth. And you didn’t vote for Kerry because why? Because he was labeled a flip-flopper, when he really only didn’t believe that things were purely black and white? I’m not saying Kerry was a savior, but geez, look what we have now.

Just watch that video and see how the Iraqi’s are forced to live. And we’re supposed to think a miracle will happen, or that if we could only get enough troops over there that we could eliminate all the “terrorists”. It’s time for the real Americans to stand up.

Phew …

Ok, rant over. Back to your regularly scheduled twittering.