The Sabres season is over. Great job Sabres!

The Sabres are done. No grieving here, they had a great season. People simply pinned too much on them and their dreams got crushed. Not mine. While I hoped the Sabres would do well, I attempted to keep a Constant Reality Check (CRC) in the back of my head.

Could the Sabres get to the Cup finals? Eh, maybe. Were they locks, or even heavy favorites to win the Cup? No freakin way, Jose! This doesn’t even have anything to do with the bevy of past horrors that haunts the psyche of every Buffalo sports fan. This isn’t about Wide RightNo Goal, or the Music City Miracle. The Sabres were just an underdog team that kept winning and winning.

Ruff knows how to get the most out of his players; he’s been doing it in Buffalo longer than any coach in the league has been at the same team. Buffalo really has no major free-agent signings (with the possible exception of Dainus Zubrus), most everyone has come through the system. While this can be responsible for some great players, it’s very hard to create a Cup-winning team without at least 1 or 2 superstars.

The Sabres had the weight of the world on their shoulders at the start of the playoffs, foisted upon them by fair-weather fans and media. Yeah, I said it. There are lots of Sabres fans who don’t understand hockey all that well, and that’s ok, but they mistook a very good team for a great one.

It’s ok, everyone; the Sabres still have a good team and they’ll have a good team next year, and the year after that. Will they be the Detroit Red Wings and have a dynasty that wins the Cup every couple of years? No. But they will vie for the cup every playoffs as long as they can maintain this core of players and keep adding to it with great talent from Ro-cha-cha.

And think about where the Sabres were jsut a few short years ago… bottom dwellers and almost moving to another city!

Be happy about this team and where it’s at! The Sabres are better than ever and here to stay! Let’s keep rocking it Sabres and Sabres fans!