I have been entranced by fantasy imagery and literature since early childhood and all my artwork is, basically, about creating a sense of magic. My noncommissioned work is concerned with personal themes and escapes from the day to day. Stylistically my art is best described as “imaginative and playful.” My work is intentionally infused with a sense of the mystical or dreamlike and not always symbolic in content however sometimes I attempt to investigate layers of meaning but include an immediate initial subjective or emotional impression. I try to use accessible, understandable characters and settings. I often like to create series works to further explore themes in my life, or in the lives of my friends and family. These are not always representational, sometimes using color or mood.

Common themes of my work are the investigation of ‘truth’ and what that represents and how it is also illusion. In other words, is the physical representation very often a true representation of what something is? Is something beautiful because of how it looks? I like to explore these ideas visually using themes of commonly recognized characters. The ‘Horseflies’ series is at its most basic, about the sense of peace and joy I feel as I spend time with my horses. I like the idea of finding the playful child inside us and embracing happiness where we can find it. How do we define ‘magic’? Isn’t something real because it exists, even if only in our dreams? After all, we can fly off to wonderland on the wings of any obliging fairy!

How the Sabres got their groove back?

The Sabres are back.

Not ‘back’ in a way in which they can come back and win this series. But mentally back; they’ve regained their game. They’re skating fast, they’re creating turnovers and scoring chances. They’re having fun.

They’re playing in a way we haven’t seen throughout the playoffs. At the start of the playoffs it was almost as if they said ‘ok, it’s business time’, and mentally put on their suit and tie and went thru the playoffs the way teams are ’supposed’ to do.

That’s not the Sabres.

The fans, the media and the Sabres somehow bought into the fact that they were ’supposed’ to win the Cup. That was never the case – they were always underdogs. It’s good they’ve gotten back to who they are. Hopefully they can maintain that at home – hopefully the fans aren’t trying to hold on to the possibility of coming back in this series.

Just let it go and enjoy the game. It’s not about the Sabres being the best or Buffalo finally winning a major sports championship; it’s about the Sabres and enjoying some great hockey. Ottawa is a great team too, and how can we say that we ‘deserve’ a shot at the championship any more than they do?

Perhaps I had the same mindset though – after all, I rewrote a Tenacious D song and entitled it “The Cup of Destiny” (a very dumb song mind you!). Maybe it’s like talking about a goalie possibly having a shutout with 10 minutes still left in the 3rd period … is it something you just shouldn’t do? Fans have lots of fun getting revved up about Cup possibilities and making homemade Stanley Cups covered in aluminum foil. I think fun should be part of it, but where do you draw the line? Where, as fans, are we taking it too far? Or is it the media?

I don’t know, perhaps I’m overanalyzing… maybe this has just been a very tight series and Buffalo just finally had some breaks go their way. But it really seemed like they got their groove back somehow.

So to wrap this gibberish up, here’s to the Sabres fighting on, playing their game and having fun until the final whistle sounds … and here’s to us fans enjoying every second of it!

What the Sabres need to correct

Well, the Ottawa Senators have taken the first two games from the Sabres on their own ice. It’s a feat that’s pretty unthinkable to many Sabres fans. But in reality it’s something that shouldn’t be so unexpected.

The Sabres are, after all, a team that likes to create a challenge or itself. Sometimes they’re so seemingly good (or scary good as Rick Jeanerett would say) that they have a hard time getting up for games, or getting going in them. How many times have we seen them take the entire first period or two of a game off only to storm back in the third for a barrage of goals? It’s even happened this series against the Sens – except Ottawa is way too good of a team to spot any points.

The good thing is that Lindy Ruff doesn’t have to say anything to get his team up for the remaining games; the Sabres’ backs are against the wall and it’s do or die. But should he switch things up at all?

At the Buffalo News, Bucky Gleason gives a list of 6 things the Sabres need to correct:

  1. Check players for ID (who are these guys?)
  2. Pepper Ray Emery (more shots)
  3. Bench Jaroslav Spacek or Dmitri Kalinin (in favor of Nathan Paetsch)
  4. Play smarter (no more dumb penalties)
  5. Fix the special teams (Oy vey, with a power play like this, can we decline any Ottawa penalties?)
  6. Dust off Adam Mair

I would add to this, find a way to get Drew Stafford into the lineup. He could add a spark that the Sabres desperately need.


On another note, the boo-birds came out on several of Buffalo’s power play attempts Saturday night. Yes, the power plays were sad to watch, but are the fans right to boo? Aren’t fans supposed to back the team? Sure, booing is a way to let the team know you’re dissatisfied with the play, and it’s understandable when your team sucks or the coaching is pitiful – but aren’t the Sabres the President’s cup winners? Have they not earned our respect and a spot in our hearts?

There is definitely something wrong with the power play, but how much of that is Ottawa just playing great defense? I think sometimes as fans, we’re quick to think that if things aren’t going well, it’s because our team is doing something wrong; when in many cases it can be the other team stepping up.

Besides, the team can hear the crowd and it definitely can’t help to be booed when facing a great team like Ottawa in the Eastern Conference Finals. I say we get behind the team no matter what.