Do you do Wholesale orders for stores?
Yes. Please visit the wholesale page for further information.

Tubes, Tags, Etc.?
These images can be purchased from CILM.

Can I use your artwork for Commercial websites or Commercial promotional material (business cards, logos, Stationary)?
A flat fee of $50 is required for commercial, non-saleable promotional items such as business logos, website banners or letterheads. You will receive a high resolution quality file of the artwork which can be used ONLY on NON saleable, promotional items. You must contact us for permission.

I really like your art but I cant afford to buy anything. Or I am a charity and cannot afford the art. 
Although I’m very flattered, the answer is no. I am very busy and my time and effort are my livelihood. To put it into perspective, if I dont get paid for my work, we dont eat. We also do donate a portion of proceeds from our feline fae to our local animal shelter. That is our only charity.

I emailed you and you haven’t replied!
We are very busy, and we really typically answer business email. We cannot always answer every letter personally but Sarah reads them all and appreciates them very much. Anything with unsolicited attachments (which sometimes includes signature images) or that looks like junkmail gets placed in the junk mail.

Can I save your pictures to my computer just to look at myself?

Yes. As long as it is for personal use, and you follow my usage guidelines and don’t redistribute them in any way it’s fine.

I saw your art being used by a company that I dont think you are licensed with. What should I do?

Contact me right away!

I bought a print/original painting from you. Can I make products from it?
When you buy a print or an original, even if you commission an artwork, unless you buy or pay for licensing rights you are not entitled to create anything from the piece. You are paying for the print/ painting only, not the ‘rights’.

Is my credit card payment secure?

Yes! We use a very secure shopping cart and are very careful in the office with any personal information.

What if I don’t want to pay online?

There are several alternative ways to order our products. To use regular mail, just use the shopping cart as usual. At the bottom of the cart, choose the payment option “pay with check or money order” from the drop down box. Your order will be shown in a printable format, just fill in your personal information (name, shipping address, etc.), print out your order and mail it in with a check or money order.

Send to:
Fortryllelse Studios
1276 Ironwood Ln Suite #5
Eagan, MN 55123

Can I use my paypal account?
Yes! Use our shopping cart and in the drop down box labeled “Payment Option” choose “pay pal”. You’ll be taken to the paypal secure website to enter your payment.. Paypal will immediately send us your payment notice, and we will fill your order!

What if I want something no longer listed?
That is a tricky one! We do retire art very regularly and we are adamant about keeping it retired. This ensures that the website does not get bogged down with too many images and it helps keep the value of your prints high when there is a limited number of them ever printed. We want the art to be as special to our collectors as it is to us. If you love it, buy it now! We do send out a notice when items are retired so if you are unsure please join the mailing list.

What is your delivery time?
Orders are shipped within 10 business days up to 4 weeks. Please keep that in mind. We are a small studio and sometimes out doing shows so orders can take a bit.

What is your refund policy?
If you cancel your order before it has shipped, all charges will be refunded. If your order is received in damaged condition, please contact us within 3 business days of receipt for replacement. If you cancel or refuse shipment for any other reason, we will refund your charges less shipping and a 20% restocking fee.

A word about originals. An original is a special thing, and we only offer our originals for sale on two special days each year. Summer Solstice Day, and Winter Solstice Day.