Tornado Activity Map – And Where To Live!

This is some really cool stuff. This graphic shows the tracks of tornadoes over the past 56 years. You can see that they mostly originate starting in the midwest.

tornado-trails-500x270Perhaps the winds/jetstream across the US needs some room to really get going, or maybe something about being near water on the West coast limits the amount of tornadic activity.

Also, check out southeast Ohio. That’s where there’s lots of hills and forested area. Then look at Buffalo, NY – it’s right at the northeast part of Lake Erie. We don’t have info from Canada, but you can see that tornadoes don’t hit to the east of Lake Erie. It’s likely that the lake itself protects Western New York from tornados. Just south of the lake in the southern tier there’s a lot more activity.

Also, in the hilly, mountainous regions, mainly the Alleghenies, there’s little tornado activity. Now you can plan where you might want to live if you’re afraid of tornados!